Reminders and Recalls

Equinox maintains a confidential database for reminding and recalling patients for follow up appointments, immunisations and preventative health care. If you do not wish to be on this database, please advise your doctor. While we make every effort to send reminders, it is your responsibility as patient to return for these subsequent visits.

All patients are sent reminder sms messages the day prior to their appointment. We ask that you reply to the message to indicate if you will be attending. Unconfirmed appointments may be cancelled. Please advise reception if you do not wish to receive reminder sms messages.

Pathology Results, Repeat Prescriptions and Referrals

To comply with ethical and legislative requirements we require that patients attend an appointment to receive prescriptions, referrals and to be given most pathology test results. Referrals to specialists and third party healthcare providers may result in additional charges, please check with the health provider when booking.

Medical Records, Privacy and Confidentiality

Records of your visits and treatments will be kept. The contents will be divulged only with your consent or where justified by law. You are entitled to see your medical records at any stage.

Your medical and counselling records are a confidential document and THH/ Equinox maintains the security of personal information at all times. Our services are bound by the Health Records Act 2001, the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth – incorporating the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012) and the Privacy & Data Protection Act 2014 (Victoria) regarding the collection, use, disclosure, access and protection of any personal or health information that we hold.

For further information about THH’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and THH’s Confidentiality Procedure please contact THH via http://www.vac.org.au/contact or call THH’s Privacy Officer on +61 3 9865 6700 or toll free : 1800 134 840.