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Research Publications

Equinox staff and clients have contributed to and participated in the following published research. If you have any issues accessing these through the links provided, you can email the researchers at Trans Health Research and they will email you a copy of the article that you are interested in.

  1. Nolan BJ, Brownhill A, Bretherton I, Wong P, Fox S, Locke P, Russell N, Grossmann M, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Relationships between body mass index with oral estradiol dose and serum estradiol concentration in transgender adults undergoing feminising hormone therapy. Ther Adv Endocrinol Metab 2020;11:1-7.

  1. Nolan BJ, Leemaqz SY, Ooi O, Cundill P, Silberstein N, Locke P, Grossmann M, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Prevalence of polycythaemia with different formulations of testosterone therapy in transmasculine individuals. Intern Med J. 2020 Apr 1

  1. Cheung AS, Leemaqz SY, Wong JP, Chew D, Ooi O, Zwickl S, Cundill P, Silberstein N, Locke P, Grayson R, Zajac JD, Pang KC.  Non-Binary and Binary Gender Identity in Australian Trans and Gender Diverse Individuals. Arch Sex Behav. 2020 Apr 13.

  1. Angus L, Leemaqz S, Ooi O, Cundill P, Silberstein N, Locke P, Zajac JD, Cheung AS. Cyproterone acetate or spironolactone in lowering testosterone concentrations for transgender individuals receiving estradiol therapy. Endocr Connect 2019; 8(7):935-940.

  1. Cheung AS, Ooi O, Leemaqz S, Cundill P, Silberstein N, Bretherton I, Thrower E, Locke P, Grossmann M, Zajac JD. Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Transgender Adults in Australia. Transgend Health 2018; 3(1), 229-238.

Spanos C, Grace JA,  Leemaqz SY,
Brownhill A,  Cundill,P,  Locke P,  Wong P,  Zajac JD,  Cheung AS.                                                                      The Informed Consent Model of Care for Accessing Gender-Affirming
Hormone Therapy Is Associated With High Patient Satisfaction.

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